Hello there ~

My name is Christopher Palafox & I’m a recent Graphic Design graduate from ArtCenter College of Design.

Below are a few of my favorite projects :)

Vanagon meetup.jpg

40 years of Vanagon

When I was 17, I bought a 1988 Vanagon GL with 240,000 miles and a broken odometer in Titian Red. I owned this van for about two years and I loved it. Fast forward to now, I find new communities are being built both digitally & physically. I thought to myself “Man, what I would give to be apart of this again.” Initiating this project enabled me to create the experience of a digital passenger as well a new community shown above.

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Palm Springs Art Museum

During the early ideation phases, I traveled to Palm Springs to camp and document the 3 museum locations & its surrounding landscapes. This experience helped me create an identity system that’s inspired yearly by it’s local surroundings and it’s rich history of desert modernism.

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I’m Only Sleeping

In an advanced lettering class, we were tasked to interpret a quote through hand lettering and print onto a woven tapestry. Having a long-term obsession with The Beatles and a much needed nap, I chose to quote "I'm only Sleeping" from their 1966 Revolver album.